A friend of mine, John Chainey, often writes letters to the editor, but they never get published. Here is a letter he recently uncovered from his desk. See if you can figure out why it may of been rejected:

“I work in a movie theatre. A little old church lady came to the theatre as part of a Lutheran high school group to see “Passion of the Christ.” In the course of friendly conversation I told her the movie was extremely violent and brutal. With a beaming smile, she told me she had already seen the film, this was her second time, and she couldn’t wait for it to come out on DVD.

She loved the movie. Watching it through the eyes of a believer, she saw a picture about the pain her savior suffered because he loved her.

I, on the other hand, viewing it through secular eyes, I saw a picture of brutal, bloody violence. It was disgusting. I call it a sadomasochist snuff film.

If this movie was called Passion of, say John Chainey (that would be me), and they beat the sh*t out of me for two hours, this woman would be the last person ever to want to see it.”

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