I was reading the latest Nintendo Power today, I do so as to fit in with the rest of the kids, and I noticed the above advertisement.

There are a number of things about this ad that either confuse me, I find interesting, I find interesting because it confuses me, or I find so interesting that I get confused how I could find something this mundane of any interest.

First, this kid is ugly. He looks like Charlie Brown if someone sat on his head. He also is either very limber, or his bones somehow can bend. Perhaps his pot is for medicinal purposes because of the severe pain he’s in from his boneitus. Maybe he’s smoking it because he’s so ugly that, um, I don’t know, I guess there’s not really any reason why you smoke pot because you were ugly.

This kid also seems to only have one wall in his house. And his only furniture is a pillow and a pot plant. Maybe this ad is trying to tell us that if you waste all your money on pot you can’t afford to have such luxurious things like chairs, or walls, or a color besides mustard yellow.

But the main message here seems to be that smoking a joint will make you too lazy to walk the dog and you’ll lose his respect. This guy’s house will not only have a horrible smell of marijuana, but also will stink of dog crap and dog urine because no one taking the dog out. It’s a good thing that this guy is missing a wall, it’ll help air the place out.

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