Yes, yes, we all know the cake is a lie. But that’s not the only fabricated food out there. Check these out:

Mario is made of Reese's Pixels.
Mario is made of Reese’s Pixels.

Reese’s Pieces Contain No Peanut Butter

The candy makers really wanted to put peanut butter inside those candy shells, but it just didn’t work out. It seemed the oil from the Peanut Butter would leak out and cause the candy to be soft and mushy.

Instead a peanut flavored penuche was developed to put inside the candy shell.

Bonus Fact: Reese’s Pieces are 50% orange, 25% Brown, and 25% yellow.

Sugar Free Tic Tacs are Mostly Sugar

Tic Tacs advertise on their packaging they are sugar free, yet they’re mostly sugar. How can they get away with it? Well, US law dictates that any food that contains less than .5 g of sugar can claim to be sugar free. Since one serving is one Tic Tac, and one Tic Tac weighs less than .5 g it’s all fine in the eyes of the law.

Fortune Cookies are Not Chinese

9252353Anytime you eat at a Chinese place you’ll most certainly get a fortune cookie with it. But, that cookie is about as Chinese as that Diet Sierra Mist you’re drinking with that meal.

It’s disputed where the cookies came from, but the most popular story is it was created here in America by Japanese immigrants.

In the early 90’s, Wonton Food, the biggest maker of Fortune Cookies tried to expand their market into China. It was a failure because the Chinese found Fortune Cookies to be too american.

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