An artist recreation of the Crack Monster
An artist recreation of the Crack Monster

By crack monster I am not referring to a Muppet similar to Cookie Monster that takes crack. I’m actually referring to a lost cartoon short from Sesame Street.

First aired in February 1977 during the first 15 minutes of Sesame Street the minute and a half Crack Monster cartoon first aired.

The cartoon follows a young girl who walks down the sidewalk looking at the cracks. As she sees each one she imagines the cracks as different animals. Finally she sees the “Crack Monster” in the last shape.

The short apparently terrified children. For this reason the short only aired a couple of times before disappearing.

The cartoon became the stuff of urban legend until a man named Jon Armond ¬†somehow managed to get a copy of it in 2009. Unfortunately he is forbidden by contract to share the video except by private screening, of which he’s held a couple.

Mr. Armond is currently working on a documentary on the short, during which he hopes to be able to show the short. However the documentary is still early stages despite him having the short in his hands for four years.

In the meantime, a petition has appeared online to try to get the short shown and traumatizing children again. If you are interested, you can sign it here.

In the meantime, we’ll have to make due with Teeny Little Super Guy:

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