McDonald’s and Visa recently created a pamphlet to help burger flippers budget their money. But the only thing the pamphlet seems to help do is make you come to the realization of how horrible of a choice of career you made.

Let’s take a look at the sample budget provided by Mickey D’s:




HomelessRonaldFirst thing you’ll notice is that they expect you to be working two jobs. Right away, McDonald’s has to admit you’ll never make enough money to support yourself just working as the Grease Trap scrubber.

If you are making $7.50 an hour at your two jobs, which is being generous since minimum wage is $7.25, you’d have to work over 60 hours a week.

On this sample budget the Mortgage/Rent is listed as just $600. Obviously this person doesn’t live in New York. Although, maybe they got a roommate and are splitting the rent. I do like how Mortgage is an option. If you are buying a house on a McDonald’s salary, you are the reason for the housing market crash.

Somehow, this person only pays $20 a month for health insurance. I assume by health insurance, they mean a box of band aids and a bottle of Tylenol.

This person also spends $0 a month on heat. Screw heat I guess. You can warm yourself with toasted Big Mac buns.

Notably missing is a food budget. But that’s okay, you get free meals from McDonald’s. Eating nothing but McDonald’s worked out fine for Morgan Spurlock, and I’m sure it’ll work out fine for you.

If you’d like to read the entire pamphlet yourself for more great budget tips, clickety here.

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