The fact that the company that made this thing is called “Studio-Free Studio” may explain why it was never released.

Orson Welles’ last role was an evil planet in 1980’s animated Transformer movie. Jonathan Winters’ will be as a Smurf. So why should Marlon Brando fare any better with his legacy?

In 2004 Mr. Brando signed on to do a voice in the feature “Big Bug Man.” He was wanted to play the role of Nicholas Dunderbeck, an evil businessman, but Mr. Brando had other ideas. He instead chose the the role of and elderly candy company owner named Mrs. Sour, because he always wanted to play a woman.

When the directors arrived at Mr. Brando’s home to record his lines, they found he was dressed in a wig, dress, and makeup, to help him get into the role. Not the worse way to see Mr. Brando dressed, considering the stories of how he use to show up on set bottomless so they couldn’t film him below the waste.

Mr. Brando was apparently weak and needed oxygen throughout the recording, be he remarked it was the most fun he had since playing Julius Ceasar 51 years earlier. Mr. Brando passed away a month later.

Big Bug Man, also set to star Brendan Frasier, was set to be released in 2006, then 2007, then 2008, and then it was never heard about again.

Here’s a CNN new story countering about 2 of Mr. Brando’s performance:

Bonus Fact:

Did you know Chris Farley was originally recording the voice of Shrek? It’s true! But then he overdosed on drugs in a hotel room with a hooker. These things happen.

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