This Wii-k in Review

Nov 26, 2006

Hello hello.

I usually have no excuse for not updating this site, but this week I do. My escuse is just one word:


Yes, I’ve been playing with my Wii all week (keep your dirty thoughts/jokes to yourself, you sick bastards) and enjoying every minute of it.

However it appears some people are not. Here’s one idiot that swings a little (and by a little, I mean way too much) too hard with the wiimote:

The end of the video says that the Wii is too weak, although despite hitting the wall at 100 mph, you can see the Wiimote still functions fine.

Sadly enough, the same can be said about this poor sap, who chucked his Wiimote right through his TV:

If anyone would like to share some Miis or something, email me with your Wii console number and I’ll add you to my list.

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