la_noire_interrogationYou know when you go to McDonald’s and ask them for a McRib and the pimply teenager tell you it’s out of season, but you just don’t believe him. You just know they probably got a couple of those frozen boneless pork product patties back there left over from December. But how can you be sure if he’s lying?

Well, here a couple of tips to tell if that guy is a dirty rotten liar or a dirty rotten truth teller.


1) They won’t look you in the eye.

When people lie, they tend to have a hard time looking people in the eye. They say they’ll tend to look up to the left if they’re trying to search their brain for a lie, however looking up the right is suppose to mean they’re trying to remember.

Of course if you got really ugly eyes, they might just not want to look at them. Also if you got a hot body, they might be looking at that instead. So ladies, if some guy is staring at your chest, he might not be lying, but he might be pervert.

On the other hand, liars know this and might stare you in the eyes to try to prove they’re not lying. So, make sure you check for these other signs as well.

2) They’re sweating like a pig

Richard Nixon famously sweated during his debate with John Kennedy causing the American public to not trust him. He lost to JFK, but America voted him in as president eight years later anyway. Then we found out he was organizing break-ins of Democratic offices, he was a racist and secretly meeting with Elvis. The American public should of trusted their first instincts.

"I promise to close Guantanamo Bay, End the spying done by the Bush Administration, end corporate tax loopholes, and become America's Next Top Model"
“I promise to close Guantanamo Bay, End the spying done by the Bush Administration, end corporate tax loopholes, and become America’s Next Top Model”

3) They’re covering their mouth

People tend to touch their face or cover there mouth when they lie, literally trying to cover up the truth.

I sometimes cover mouth when eat too much garlic so whoever I’m talking to doesn’t have to smell my breath. My only lie I’m guilty is that I’m eating healthy.

4) Blinking and Fidgeting

People who lie tend to be uncomfortable. They’ll fidget a lot, blink out a distress code, wet their pants… Well that last one doesn’t really ever happen. But I tell you, if I’m questioning someone and they wet their pants, I’m trusting them a whole lot less. Also, I’m not inviting them over for a sleepover.

Now, these are all decent tips, but you shouldn’t rely on just these to decide if your son in lying that a dinosaur broke the vase and not him. There’s always a chance that the person you are questioning might have Parkinsons, have an itchy lip and a lazy eye and hot.


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