duoro_ev6May I present to you the Maxi Swatch, or Swatch wall clock, or Why the hell do you have a giant wrist watch on your wall.

mnBFOcrOFVdfstvLJgT-qZwThe Maxi Swatch was originally introduced in 1987 and was meant to be released slowly as a way to create buzz about the company. I’m not sure how true that is, because I remember seeing a ton of them at the Flea Market. Of course, it being a flea market, there was a good chance they were bootleg knock-offs.

I didn’t understand the appeal of these things. Let me take up 7 ft. off my wall space with one of these comically large wrist watches. I assume the same people that own these are the ones with the large novelty crayons, bean bag chairs, pink flamingos in the front yard and a Santa Claus doll in a Hawaiian  shirt.

Nonetheless, if you do find yourself in possession of one, don’t just toss it into the nearest comically large rubbish bin. These things can fetch $500 or more on the second hand market. Excuse me while I check if my pogs have appreciated over 18¢ yet.

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