hqdefaultIf you just sang the title of this post inside your head, you were a child during the late eighties or early nineties.

ABC debuted these commercial bumpers in 1988 as a way of telling kids the toy commercials for fantastic products such as My Buddy or Ice Cream Jones cereal were about to start.

But did you know it was actually the law for ABC to run these spots. Well, it wasn’t the law for a Fire Hydrant about to get pissed on by a dog to sing it, but rather that networks warn kids that commercials were about to start.

There was concern that children would be unable to tell the difference between the episode of Alf: The animated series they were watching and the advertisement for Jordache jeans. There was also a law, believe it or not, limiting the amount of commercials that could air during children’s programming.

Of course, all these laws became much more relaxed and networks can air as many commercials they want and not warn kids they were coming on.

Here, for your enjoyment are a collection of the ABC bumpers. They were created by Olive Jar Animation, the same people who did those claymation MTV logo spots in the nineties.


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