It’s been another fun week in the world of Kitty litter! Let’s take a look at the clumping action:

First up, last Saturday in California a truck carrying two tons of the Feline bathroom substance overturned on the Golden State Freeway. Two lanes had to be shut down for four hours while the litter mess was cleaned up by professionals.

While no stray cats were seen taking advantage of the spill, it would of been no biggie if they had. The fine men and women cleaning up the mess could of just used the new Litter Robot. This fine contraption turns your cat’s waste into wonderful colored balls! Now you can turn your only somewhat exciting litter box can be an extremely joyful gumball machine (Note: Don’t eat or chew the balls it dispenses). Best of all this fine piece of technology can be yours for just $579!

A fair warning however, this sphere of fun will most likely not be able to handle cats 15 lbs or bigger. Also diabetic cats will leave clumps too big for it too handle. Of course, your cat may also be afraid to go in it since the damn thing looks like the friggin’ Death Star.

And finally in Jeanette, PA a 78 year old woman is taking a 14 year old boy to court for meowing at her. No lie. Why, you may ask, is this boy harassing this poor women with his meowing? Revenge, of course. The boy’s parents made him get rid of his pet cat after she complained the cat was using her flower garden as a litter box.

The funniest, or perhaps saddest, part of this story is that the graphic to the right with the cat and handcuffs is from an actual TV news website.

CBS 2 California

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