Eat Me.
Eat Me.

Russian scientists have discovered a full grown female mammoth with blood and well preserved muscles. This had led to discussion about the morals of attempting to clone the prehistoric beach. However you feel about it, you probably would agree that there are many potential scientific things that could be done with this find. Something  you probably wouldn’t think of doing is taking a bite out of it. While eating a 4,000 year old piece of meat sounds almost as unappetizing as eating at McDonald’s, it has been done.

When Russian Zoologist Alexei Tikhonov was running some tests on a Mammoth, curiosity got the better of him and he took a bite. He described the meat as being terrible and tasting like meat left in a freezer too long. While that sound pretty awful, considering the mammoth meat is probably a little older than those Steakumms you forgot you had in the back of your freezer, it doesn’t sound that bad.

Mr. Tikonov isn’t alone is the quest to find out what Snuffleupagus tastes like.  In 1979 University of Alaska researcher Dale Guthrie came across a 36,000 year old specimen. He thought out the delicacy a little more though and made it into a stew. He deemed it “acceptable.” While not a glowing review it certainly faired better than Mr. Tikonov’s assessment and certainly better than the Yelp reviews for Amy’s Baking Company.


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