The Consumeritst is a must read blog if you like reading about people having bad experiences at stores. Their readers also occasionally send in pictures of horrible things they find at Walmart. No, I’m not talking about pantsless woman you might see of the People of Walmart site, but rather outdated technology at current prices.

Here is the best of the series The Consumerist calls Raiders of the Lost Walmart:



The good old Sony Mavica. This camera takes photos in a glorious .3 megapixels. Read: Not 3 megapixels, but point 3. This camera’s big gimmick was that it stored it’s pictures on floppy disks rather than expensive memory cards.

I actually had one of these and paid $400 for it over 10 years ago, so I guess $269 is a discount. Never mind that your cell probably takes photos that are 20 times higher in quality.



Speaking of floppies. How would you like having 176 floppies on your keychain? No, that would be stupid unless you are some kind of weird technology hipster. Actually, it would still be stupid… sorry technology hipster I just made up.

This was seen on a 256mb flash drive that was on sale for just under $30. To put that in perspective, amazon has a 64 gig drive for $40. That’s like 45,000 floppies on your keychain!

dcPlaying DC Universe Online isn’t a bad idea. But paying $50 for it is considering the game has been free for quite a while now. I should know a little something about wasting money on DC Universe since I paid for it only about a month before they announced they were going free to play.



Actually, this is a cheat. This was actually found at a Rite Aid. But at least we know that Walmart isn’t the only place to go to for outdated crap. I suppose if you haven’t upgraded to a DVD player yet you never will. This may be the only way you’ll ever get to watch anything new.



This one is a head scratcher. A prepaid card 500 minutes of AOL. Considering America Online hasn’t charged by the hour since the 1990s one has to wonder if this isn’t a joke. This can’t seriously still be in existence, right? This actually might not be a bad investment. An eBay user recently sold an AOL 1.0 floppy disk for $9,214, maybe this is worth $15.

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