I'm not quite dead yet.
I’m not quite dead yet.

Japan is known for their long living elders, whom are respected by society. They respect them so much they don’t even argue with them when refuse to admit they’re already dead.

When officials visited Japan’s oldest living man, an 111 year old Sogen Kato, they found his mummified corpse resting in his house. He’d been hanging out there, slowly becoming a prop for the next direct to video Mummy movie, since the 80s. Apparently his now 81 year old daughter has collected over $100,000 in his social security since his death. Maybe this is really why Norman Bates kept his mother around.

A simular issue occurred when official went looking for the 113 year old Fusa Furuya, who was on record as being the oldest woman in Tokyo. Turns out no one has seen her in over 30 years.

And when they went to visit a 125 year old? The address on record for her led them to a park.

Sloppy record keeping doesn’t help, as Yamaguchi has a person on file listed as still being alive at the age of 189.

So, are the Japanese really living longer due to their healthy life style or is the whole country just one big Weekend At Bernie’s movie.

Although, such things are not limited to just Japan. In Florida, America’s wackiest state, Penelope Jordan was arrested in 2009 for keeping her father’s corpse hidden in a back room of her house for six years so she could continue to collect $40,000 a year in Social Security.


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