The Wizard 2?

Jul 12, 2006

Nintendo tried the commercial disguised as a movie with 1988’s The Wizard (You can read my take on that film here). Now, 18 years later it seems Nintendo is trying again with this year’s Stormbreaker.

The film, due out this summer in England and in October in the US, boasts the following description:

“After the murder of his uncle and guardian, the MI6 British spy agency recruits the reluctant 14-year-old Alex Rider to take over his uncle’s mission. Like any good spy, during training he receives his key piece of gadgetry: a Hot Rod Red Nintendo DS. He also gets several game cards that transform his DS into an eavesdropping device, a wiretap detector or a smoke bomb.”

Perhaps even more odd is that this film stars such notable stars as Ewan McGregor, Mickey Rourke, Bill Nighy, Alicia Silverstone, and Andy Serkis.

Let’s all hope this is just as craptastic and enjoyable as The Wizard.

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