Warning: Spoliers

If you are like me you do not want to be spoiled. This will contain spoliers. Do not keep reading unless you want to know stuff that might ruin some surprises in the movie. Seriously, I’m about to talk about some stuff that could seriously destroy the movie for you. If you’ve seen the movie or want to just know everything and ruin the joy of living, keep reading.

While you decide if you really want to keep reading here’s a picture of Spock petting a cat:



That picture is almost kind of memorizing, isn’t it?

Still reading? Okay here we go.

What I loved:

Spock’s logic – Right away in the beginning we see Spock fully suited up in protective gear ready to dive into an active volcano. Uhura jokes that she can go instead of him, to of which Spock replies that it would be illogical since he is already suited up.

You can see the Spock influence on Shelden from Big Bang Theory. Shelden’s inability to recognize jokes and logic would probably result in the same response.

Bones’ Analogies – Within a minute McCoy manages to spit out two crazy analogies to Captain Kirk. First, when the Enterprise’s warp drive is broken but Kirk still wants to continue the mission McCoy says, “That’s like robbing a bank when the getaway car has a flat tire.” And then seconds later when Kirk puts Sulu in charge he says, “You’ve put him in a high stakes poker game with no cards and told him to bluff.

Kirk’s response is to order him to stop the analogies.

Nimoy! – Holy crap, Leonard Nimoy once again makes an appearance as Spock giving his younger the back story of Khan, just a sentence after says he doesn’t want to mess with this timeline.

Kirk’s on the go physical – Having McCoy examine Kirk on the run for comedic effect was already done in the 2009 Star Trek, but it still works now.

Klingons – Everyone loves Klingons. While they only played a small roll this time around it was exciting to see what they would look like. Would it be as they appeared in the original series or how they were in The Next Generation and beyond.

It turns out a scarier version of The Next Generation version, including pierced forehead ridges. I can live with that.

Tribbles – Or at least a tribble. Everyone loves tribbles, plus it helped save Kirk’s life.

Mixed Feelings:

st-khan-with-the-wind-loKHAAAAN! – Letting Spock have the pleasure of belting out the classic line was amusing. The only problem I have is when they chose to have Spock yell it out.

Kirk just died in an emotional scene between him and Spock. Having Spock yell the line then, just adds a super amount of silly when it seems inappropriate.

The Future Earth – This one is hard. It’s cool to see future earth. But Star Trek has always been about exploring and not just blowing up things here on Earth. Plus the future doesn’t seem all that futuristic Earth, we still got cars, busses, and annoying alarm clocks.


Plot hole –  At the end McCoy figures out he can use Khan’s blood to cure Kirk. But, why couldn’t he just use one of the other 72 people he has frozen laying around.

And why would Khan hide frozen bodies in torpedoes? That seems like the worse place to put them.

Lens Flare – The movie was pretty enjoyable in 3D, but the 3D lens flare was annoying. Damn you Abrhams!

Overall though, I definitely loved the movie, can’t wait for third one… assuming Abrhams isn’t to busy with that other “Star” movie.

And yes, the title of this post is a derogatory statement towards Mr. Spock.

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