I recently saw a woman get her eyes pushed into her skull by a mad man using just his thumbs on the NBC show Hannibal. You may think that’s not too big of a deal, but take a look at these TV censorship issues of the past.

Lucy isn’t pregnant, she’s having a baby

They have to sleep in different beds, but It's okay for Mr. Van Dyke to do whatever this is.
They have to sleep in different beds, but It’s okay for Mr. Van Dyke to do whatever this is.

One of the most famous sitcoms all time was I Love Lucy. One of the biggest events was when Lucy became pregnant. Except they couldn’t say that. The word pregnant was considered inappropriate to say on the air. It’s surprising that it was even okay to show her getting a big belly, and they didn’t instead just show a stork delivering the child.

Rob & Laura sleep in different beds

The Dick Van Dyke Show was about Rob Petrie, his wife Laura and their son Richie. But what’s unclear is how that son came to be since Rob and Laura slept in separate beds. It was simply not allowed for them to be sharing a bed. But we all know that Richie’s existence must mean at some point one of them made an inappropriate visit to the other’s bed. Or immaculate conception.

Speaking of Dick Van Dyke. He once got in trouble for ab libbing a joke on live TV that had the punch line of “Old Fart”.

Don’t look at Jeanie’s Bely Button

IDOJ-wallpaper-i-dream-of-jeannie-828521_1024_768They’ll show bare butts on prime time TV now, but fifty years ago they couldn’t even show a belly button. On I Dream of Jeanie, the title character wore quite a revealing outfit for the time. But censors drew the line at her naval and made sure it was always covered up by a jewel or a veil or something.

At first the censors didn’t even want her living in the same house as a man she wasn’t married too, but decided it was okay once the writers made it clear she slept in a bottle. Of course even if they were married, they apparently wouldn’t be allowed to sleep in the same bed, so what does it matter. One would have to wonder how big of a heart attack these censors would of had after viewing an episode of Will and Grace.

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