It seems like there’s a Hello Kitty version of everything these days. But you really have no idea. Take a look at these fine items for the Hello Kitty enthusiast:

Banana Holder:

Bananas already come with a holder, it’s called the skin. But they just aren’t Hello Kitty enough. Thankfully someone decided to capitalize on that idea. 726_hello_kitty_banana_holder

Sewing Machine:

Considering other Hello Kitty merchandise, a sewing machine isn’t really that odd. But this thing looks like something conjured up by Dr. Frankenstein. I can’t help but feel if this thing could talk it would be saying, “Please Kill Me.”


Shower Head:

A Hello Kitty shower head could be cool, but I can’t help but feel they could have done a better job designing it. This looks like Hello Kitty is vomiting on you. Still, it doesn’t spit up  as much of some cats I’ve had.hello-kitty-showerhead-400x400

Sexy Man Underwear:

Being a straight male, I’m not an  expert on what makes men sexy, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t it. But if you are trying to attract 13 year old girls or crazy cat ladies, I suppose this would be a good way.

Now, that I think about it, I suppose this could also be called the Hello Kitty Banana Holder.



You love Hello Kitty, I can see it in your eyes.kitty

Kello Kitty Hospital:

There was recently some controversy over extra scenes being added to the Chinese version of Iron Man 3 where Tony Stark goes to China for surgery. One Chinese expert said no one in their right mind would go to China for health care. But Mr. Stark might of just wanted to go to the Hello Kitty Hospital in Taiwan. Unfortunately, it’s just a maternity hospital. So, unless Iron Man was preggers, he was out of luck.425x309xhellokitty11.jpg.pagespeed.ic.eBWI1xaUdU


Here’s a picture of someone’s Hello Kitty themed car. And people thought having a cell phone in a car was a bad idea!hello-kitty-car-interior




il_570xN.366838773_nwuaFree stuff:

Our friends over at MiiChains is giving away some cool video game keychains.

You may recognize the guy on the right as K.K. Slider, the dog that got in the NY Times a while back.

Check out this Facebook post for more info.

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