895806_10200706204113972_1419076241_oIf you are a middle aged, middle class, or like that ABC show In The Middle, you probably shop at Costco. Costco is that wonderful place where mayonnaise comes in 8 gallon jugs and the aisles are decorated like that warehouse where they put the Arc of The Covenant at the end of Indiana Jones.

Here are 5 things to learn about that place:

1) Costco’s quarter pound hot dog and soda with free refills for $1.50.

In 1986 Costco starting offering a deal at their food stand for a Hebrew National Hot Dog and refillable 12oz Coke for a buck fifty. In the many years since then while prices for everything else have gone up, the price of the hot dog combo deal has not.

It hasn’t gone completely untouched though, a few years ago Costco replaced the hot dog with it’s own Kirkland brand dog. The soda actually got bigger, it’s now 20oz. And now some shoppers are upset that coke is being replaced by Pepsi in some markets. Although, to me that’s an improvement. I’d being willing to pay as high as $1.55 for that.

2) Costco’s CEO is a good guy.

In a world filled with evil big business CEOs sitting behind their gold desks trying to think of ways to oppress workers while petting their cats named Pretzel (or at least that’s how I picture the owner of Walmart), it’s nice to know not everyone is a douchebag.

After President Obama proposed raising the minimum wage to $9, Costco CEO and President Craig Jelinek came out in forward to it. He called it good for both businesses and workers. In fact he went as far as to say that $9 isn’t enough, that is should be $10.

To prove he’s not just talking jive, all staff at Costco currently starts at $11.50.

895818_10200706102031420_711243873_o3) Why is the damn Milk Jug so weird looking?

Because he’s easier to stack and ship that way… idiot. This reportedly saves Costco millions a year. If you take a look around the store you’ll notice many other containers are also given a more rectangular shape so they can ship easier.

4) Toys are desperate to be sold by Costco

The toy section at Costco is smaller than the area reserved for windshield wiper fluid, but that doesn’t stop toy companies from desperately trying to get their products on their shelves. Each toy company has to pitch their product to Costco, explaining what they are planning on they will make their product better for Costco than they do for other stores.

Costco team of toy experts than put each toy through a number of trials before finally only a few wind up on the shelf.

5) You can use the Pharmacy or buy Liquor without a membership.

If you getting your prescribed pimple medication from a giant warehouse, but can’t afford the $60 membership you are in luck. Because it is apparently against the law to require people to join a club to get drugs, you do not need a membership to use the pharmacy at Costco.

Also, if you prefer to get your buzz on from alcohol instead, you are in even more luck. At least you are if you live in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Texas or Vermont. In those states no membership is required for you to get your discount vodka.

Again, this supposedly due to wacky state laws forbidding memberships for booze. It’s you’re right to get drugs and beer without a membership.If you want to add in that 4-pack of Kirkland socks you better be ready to show that membership card.


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