superpupYou are a television executive. You have on your hands one of the hottest shows and you want to take advantage of that by creating a spinoff. How would you go about it? You could make a show about just one of the characters, like Frasier. Perhaps you could make it about another department, like Law & Order. You could even just set it in another city, like CSI. But the best idea probably isn’t to redo the show with midgets wearing dog masks.

Yep, that’s what somebody thought would be a good idea in 1958 when trying to figure out how to take advantage of the hugely successful Adventures of Superman staring George Reeves.

The Adventures of Superpup had it’s character’s renamed Bark Bent (instead of Clark Kent) and Terry Bite (instead of Perry White). The female lead was named Pamela Poodle, because I guess no one could come up with a good dog pun for ┬áLois Lane.

The one and only episode was filmed on the same set as the George Reeves series and failed to impress anyone. It was never aired until a copy was leaked via bootlegs. It was finally officially released as an extra on a DVD. Only half the episode is in color, because apparently someone lost the second half of the only color print. Here’s hoping Ted Turner is feverously working to recolor the black and white half.

We can only hope that if the upcoming Man of Steel movie is a hit someone remakes it with monkeys wearing mouse costumes.

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