4/17/13 Now Ad Free

Apr 17, 2013

Pop-up_adsI am happy to announce that cheesegod is now ad free. Even though this site costs money and time to run the advertisements that use to adorn this site did little to bring in money and just uglied up the place.

Instead of leaving the banner ads up and just hope that one day enough people would click on it to make enough money to break even on the site I have just decided that I will always just pay out of my own pocket for the upkeep.

However, I have added a donation button to the right side of this site. If you have an extra buck or thousand hanging around feel free to contribute. Don’t worry, this will not turn into some horrible PBS beg-a-thon for money. I’ll leave the donate button up on the side and not bother the readers too much about it.

In the meantime if you want to help in ways that don’t affect your pocketbook you can also help out by liking us on Facebook and clicking on the like buttons on individual posts so we can get the word out.

Thanks for your continued readership.

Now, here’s a song by MC Frontalot called I Hate Your Blog just for fun:

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