Today’s invention, sure to change the world as we know it, is the back DVD player.

You know those DVD players you can buy for the car? The ones that fit over the back of the front seat so the kids in the back can watch Toy Story 2 for the 18th time this week? The ones so the kids can keep busy without having to resort to using their imaginations, or playing the alphabet game, or engage in conversation.

Yeah, they’re great, but what about those poor suckers on motorcycles? When you ride behind the driver, or as professionals call it, “The Bitch Seat”, there’s nothing to look at except the back of the jacket of the driver. Yeah, some of those motorcycle jackets can be amusing, but by hour two you get tired of looking at that flaming skeleton playing poker.

This is why I have invented the back DVD player:



As you can see by the above detailed schematics, A DVD player is fitted to the back of the driver of the motorcycle. Then as you can see by the next drawing, the person in the rear can watch their favorite episodes of Wings on DVD while experiencing the magic of weaving through traffic on the Long Island Expressway like an asshole:dvdback2


Sound great? Of course it does. This would make millions on Kickstarter!


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