There was no one I found funnier than Mr. Weird Al Yankovic at the age of 9. The Hawaiian shirts, the crazy hair, the moustache… how could I not find this guy funny? So, of course when I heard there was a “Weird Al” movie coming out I had to be first in line to see it… at the video store. I would of loved to have seen it in the theatre, but the movie tanked so badly they pulled it out faster than… actually I was going to make a pretty crude joke here, but it was definitely inappropriate and beneath the high level set by me for this website… boobie.

The plot is simple… very simple. Al plays George, a guy who has a wild imagination and because of this keeps getting fired from his job. But, after his Uncle wins a less than profitable (that would be unprofitable for you vocabulary fans) TV station in a poker game, he gets a job as the station manager. Here he puts his imagination to full use, creating a plethora of original programming.

Shows he creates include Wheel of Fish, Midgets doing news, a show where we can learn to make plutonium out of common household items, and a show featuring a man attempting to teach poodles to fly by throwing them out a window to their certain death. Now, while in this world these shows would not even be picked up by G4, and PETA would probably be all up in that dead poodle thing, these shows strive on Al’s channel making a network a major success.

Of course other networks are not happy with this, and one networks decides to buy the station and instead of picking up it’s higher rated and obviously superior programming it decides to just obliterate it (gee, I wonder why am I being reminded of G4 again?). When a telethon is created to raise money to save the station, Michael Richards gets kidnapped by the rival network where he spends his time playing guessing games (“Something Orange…”). Luckily Rambo Al with his stapler weapon and the cast of Wheel of Fish manage to “Supplies” them and save the day.

Now, of course, the entire plot is just a setup so “Weird Al” can do parodies of TV commercials, shows, and movies, but they are all hilarious and worth every plot hole.

The movie stars a pre-Seinfeld Kramer and a pre-Nanny Nanny. This movie was actually somewhat known for this for a while when advertising it on Comedy Central in it’s countless reruns on the station. Of course neither of these people are doing jack squat these days and therefore it’s not even worth mentioning. Which I just did. Which shows you how much this website is worth in my mind. The movie also stars Victoria Jackson, but she’s never done anything worth while, so she’s not worth mentioning either.

When being made by the now defunct movie studio Orion, they thought this was going to be the biggest movie since Robocop (Robocop being the only hit the studio ever had) and that Al was going to be a star. But, Al was no match for Robocop and after horrible reviews and lack of ticket sales it was kicked from theatres and thrown into the waste land known as non-premium cable TV where it has developed somewhat of a cult following.. Before being released on DVD, out of print VHS copies were sold on eBay for over $100 a pop. These copies are now worth less the Orion movie studio itself.

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