You might find it hard to imagine, but somehow cheesegod is not the biggest example of a pointless website on the internet. It’s unbelievable, but true. Take a look at these:


tumblr_mixqnv30oK1r6mclmo1_r1_400The Same Picture of Dave Coulier Everyday

Oh, Uncle Joey. You made Full House a little fuller with your Popeye impressions, Woodchuck puppet and… well, I’m sure there was some other point to your existence. Whatever your role was in life, there’s at least one person that was touched by your antics. On the tumblr blog: The Same Picture of Dave Coulier Everyday, they do exactly as the title promises. I can save you a click, take a look at the picture on the right and then imagine that 365 times a year (366 during leap years). One has to wonder if the runner of the blog will ever “Cut It Out”.


BRIANROOKERNicCage_as_TheVillagePeopleNic Cage As Everyone:

Imagine a world where everyone you know is Nicolas Cage. Okay, stop imagining, you’ll drive yourself to madness. Really, a world of nothing but Nicolas Cage would have to be the worse thing ever conceived. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the blog: Nic Cage As Everyone. In an America of Nic Cages, I’d welcome an attack from North Korea. Although, if Kim Jong Un tastes are messed up enough to like Dennis Rodman, who knows what his feelings on Mr. Cage would be.


tumblr_m873ufcg961rd1aiko1_500Album Cover Recreated With Socks:

I’m trying to come up with something to say about this one, but I’m having a hard time. On this site some guy (girl?) uses their socks to recreate famous album artwork. Why? Well, that’s a stupid question. Compared to the two above site, this one is genius. At least it shows some creativity.





abeBonus Site: Abe Vigoda Status:

Depending on your age you know Abe Vigoda as the guy from the Godfather, TV’s Fish, the guy from the sketches on Conan in the 90s, or the old guy that broke his ass in Good Burger. This site website just lets you know if Mr. Vigoda is alive or dead. That’s all.

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