Superbowl recap?

Feb 6, 2006

While everyone’s cashing in on this Superbowl frenzy we though we here at would too. We assigned three of our members to watch the superbowl and provide post game anaylsis. Here what they thought:

Lance Froman

Pfft. I wouldn’t watch the Superbowl if you paid me to. A bunch of grown men playing a little kid’s game, so pathetic. Instead I spent my time last night playing World of Warcraft, and it’s only $14.99 a month.

Nick Crudpants

Superbowl, nope sorry, not this guy. Why all you normals (that’s what I call you plain people out there who aren’t as hot as me and don’t wear vests) are watching the superbowl I visit your houses and hit on the lonely women. Oh yeah, if anyone here is married to this tall brunette chick and you find my pocket comb can you send it me? Thanks a lot.

Mr. Fish

Well I went over my buddies house to watch the game yesterday, I wanted to make I was there early so as to miss any of the pregame coverage, plus the Lifetime channel was having an Unsolved Mysteries marathon I thought we could check out during the slow times. But when I get there my buddy’s all like yelling at me because it’s only 6am and he’s still sleeping. He doesn’t let me inside the house. So I climbed in through his window and drank all his beer, watered his flowers with my own special fish liquid, and I may have accidentally drew mustaches on all his wedding photos. I passed out after that, I may have woken up at some point during the game because I seem to remember seeing a guy in a striped shirt, but I might of just wandered into Lady Footlocker nude again.

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