Yes, this is the 4th post this week about PAX East this week. I’m sure you are getting sick of it like it’s a Zynga game. But unlike a Zynga game, this actually has an end.

Yesterday I posted about the panels I attended, today I’ll talk about the actual games.

20130323_120716_2The show floor:

Here all the big video game companies try to get you to play their latest games. They’re so desperate to get you to do it they’ll bribe you. Play Neverwinter, get a tote bag. Try the new Nvidia controller, get a shirt. Watch an extended trailer for the new Assassin’s Creed, get an inflatable sword. Play the new Dr. Mario, get some drugs.

Unfortunately, I did not get to play many games. The more popular games had loooong lines (4 hours for Elder Scrolls Online). Plus, my theory was that I can play video games at home. I chose to spend most of my time attending the panels/concerts and seeing things I could only see there and my best dreams (my best dreams not involving chocolate coated Slim Jims anyway).

The games I did play included Neverwinter, the new Dungeons and Dragons MMO from Perfect World. The demo was fun, but it was hard to tell from it how it will differ from every other MMO out there.

20130322_110007_3Also I checked out the new Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag trailer. Looked pretty good. The boat sailing in the last game was one of the funnest parts, so this has potential.

I also checked out Pikimin 3, which looked exactly how you would expect a Pikmin game to look. That’s not a bad thing. If it looked like how you would expect a Zynga game would look, that would be bad (I don’t know why I’m sharing so much hate for Zynga today, it’s just fun to do so… unlike playing a Zynga game).

The game rooms:

20130323_153708_4PAX features many different gaming areas. One room is full of the latest consoles, where you can play any game imaginable. One area is full of bean bag chairs, where you can relax and play your 3DS, Vita, or N-Gage. One room just has Steel Battalion set up, which is the craziest most complicated damn game ever (the special controller for the game has 40 buttons, that’s almost as many as the Atari Jaguar). There are also areas set up for tabletop and PC gaming (I think there was a closet set up for gaming on Macs somewhere).

One of my favorite areas would have to be the Retro Gaming room. The room was set up with various consoles for the past years along with tons of games available to play on them. Ever wanted to play Pete Rose Baseball for the Atari 2600? Of course you do, and believe me, like Pete Rose, this game will never be in any Hall of Fame.

The next room I loved was the arcade room. Set up with arcade games from the 80s and 90s, it was fully decked out with fancy party lights and 80s music to complete the effect. Plus, all the games were set to free play. Check out this video to get an idea of what it was like:



Of course, there’s only one thing any of us want in life: Free Crap! So I’ll leave you with all the free junk I got. Have a good day folks, I’ll return on Monday with more fun Non-PAX related posts!


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