This last weekend I let my inner nerd shine by attending the video game expo Pax East in Boston. Today I’m going to look at some info about the fellow nerds that I encountered there.


For those of you not in the know, the Nintendo 3DS has a feature called StreetPass, which allows your 3DS to automatically exchange certain video game data when you walk by someone else with a 3DS. During the three days of PAX, I StreetPassed almost 600 people.

When you StreetPass someone it shows you some info about them, including where they came from. Thanks to this feature we can see just how far people came from.

Here’s what states I had StreetPassed people from before PAX:

20130313_193033And here’s what the map looked like after PAX:


Look at all that green. If the the electoral map looked like this 13 years ago Ralph Nader would be president. As you can see people came from all over to attend the conference, including Alaska!  Not only that, but I also StreetPassed people from Canada, Japan, Australia, England, France, Paraguay and Monsterrat… which is either  country or a type of cheese.

20130325_151517Of all the people I street passed though the oddest moment for me was when I StreetPassed the fellow on the right. Why? Because he’s on Radio Free Nintendo, a podacst I listen to weekly. When it comes to celebrities, he wouldn’t be considered an A-List, a B-List or even a C-List one… I’d probably put him somewhere near the letter Q, but after StreetPassing 600 people, it was weird to recognize one of them.


There were plenty of people dressed up, but unfortunately I didn’t bother to take pictures of most of them. On the last day before I left, I quickly snapped some pics of the people I saw:

20130324_140747_420130324_140736_220130324_140617_120130324_132116_2 20130324_131636_3


I will return tomorrow with yet ANOTHER PAX East post, if you missed my winners and losers post from yesterday, you can check it out here.

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