Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen. It was another exciting and fun PAX. But who care’s about about exciting and fun? Everything in life is a competition, and why should this be any different?   Disputes erupted over the Borderlands. The Army of One fought strong. And while many Pokemen were lost on the Battlefield 3, there could only be one God of War.


Holiest Gamer Award:

While the Vatican was busy finding a new Pope, one might wonder how Jesus might of been influencing the decision. Turns out judging by the cover of this bible being distributed by the Gamer Church, like most of us, he was slacking off, playing video games. It seems we truly were made in his image:








Longest Line:

They say you can tell which game has the most buzz about it by seeing which area has the biggest line. Unfortunately, if we use this measure the winner would be the toilets. However, second place would certainly go to Elder Scrolls Online. Which boasted a 4 hour wait for a 20 minute demo.

Good news is, there was no waiting for the Atari 2600.




mc front coultBest Pairing/Crossover:

We’ve had some exciting crossovers in video game past. Like Marvel VS Capcom, the still unreleased Proffesor Layton vs. Phonix Wright or the Mario & Sonic in crappy waggle controlled party games series. But none can stand up to MC Frontalot and Jonathan Coulton being on stage together. So much Nerd excitement, many BBS servers were overloaded that night.



Biggest Guest:

I heard a rumor that Justin Long was wandering around somewhere. Although, it may of just been Joseph Gorder Levitt cosplaying as him. Either way, no one cared.

There was one guest people did care about, good ol’ Pikachu. Nobody can deny the star power when he’s around. Well, I guess you deny it, it is a free country. I should of said: You can deny it, but my opinion as well as the majority of others, would be in disagreement with your assessment.





imgresBest Swag:

There’s only one thing gamers want to know when they get one line to play a game at PAX: Besides giving me a chance to play this game you worked on so hard on before most of the public, what do I get?

Game companies offered up free pins, cups, shirts, bags, inflatables and even $50 Bluetooth Android controllers  to get people to play their games. But there was one only one giveaway that could actually be described as helpful: 5 hour energy.

This little bottle gave you enough pickup to avoid falling asleep while waiting in line for four hours to play Elder Scrolls and have just enough energy left over to return to the parking lot to go home after you wasted your entire day at PAX waiting on line for one game.


Another PAX related post is coming tommorrow, see you then.

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