pax eastI will be leaving my headquarters in New York to head to Boston to fulfill my dream of reenacting all of Assassins Creed 3. Also, and not a complete lie, I will be attending the Video Game Expo: Pax East 2013.

I plan on tweeting and facebooking things that I find interesting as I see them. For your convenience I have included my Twitter feed below. To make it easier though, you can follow me on Twitter here. For the Facebook updates click here and then make sure you like us (please like me, I want to be popular).

Because I will be gone all weekend, I’m not sure what kind of updates you can expect next week, especially Monday. But I will try to get something together for you guys.

Pax East does not actually start until Friday at 10am, so that’s when most of my tweets should start happening.

Thanks, folks. And if you see me there, be sure to say hi and tell me how in the world you recognize me (creepy, man, creeeepy.)


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