msu1By the time 1950 rolled around woman had the right to vote for 30 years, but still couldn’t pee standing up. Luckily a solution was thought up by Toilet manufactures American Standard and Toto (presumably not the dog or those people that miss the rains in Africa).

The Sanistand was advertised as being of interest to 90% of women, which I assume is a total lie. Unless of course by interest they meant they were interested on how such a stupid idea could be made. The original ad can be seen in whole at the bottom of this post.

Using the Sanistand was basically the equivalent of squatting over a regular toilet, except you stand instead. Before you try to think of the logistics of it too much, remember most women in 1950 still wore skirts making it slightly easier to use this contraption.  Don’t ask how the underwear thing works, maybe the men designers didn’t know woman wore them.

The perfect item for woman to use so they can use the same urinal as men.
The perfect item for woman to use so they can use the same urinal as men.

In my opinion, instead of making urinals just for girls, they should use the same ones as men and just use beer bongs as adapters.




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