With the recent news about horse meat being in frozen lasagna, and mold being in the Ikea pastries, you might be thinking those unlucky Europeans have had to eat some pretty nasty stuff. But it’s nothing compared to what you’ve been eating here all along. Here are five things you have already ate, and probably didn’t realize it:

Lighter Fluid

If you know how Chicken McNuggets are made, you already know they’re pretty disgusting. But you may not know that every box of frozen nuggets delivered to your local McDonald’s has been sprayed with something called TBHQ, which can be considered a form of butane. TBHQ is made from petroleum, yeah the same stuff you use to heat your house. Eating just 5 grams of TBHQ can kill you. This is done to preserve freshness, the same can’t be said of your health.

Waiter there's soup in my hair.
Waiter there’s soup in my hair.

Human Hair

Ever hear of something called L-cysteine? Probably not. But it can be found in cookie dough, pizza crust, bagels, rolls and other yummies. And how is L-cysteine made? As of 10 years ago, from hair taken from the floor of Chinese barbershops. Yeah, it’s not enough we make their kids make our electronics, but we eat their hair too.

If it makes you feel better, these days most L-cysteine is made from duck feathers. Still doesn’t sound too appetizing, but compared  to some Chinese guys hair, it sounds delicious.


Ever eat shiny candy like Jelly Beans? That shininess is made with shellac. And shellac is made from the excretions of a beetle. It takes 100,000 bugs to make 5 grams of Shellac. So every time you consume some of candy you are eating parts thousands of bugs! Yum!

Beaver Excretions

Please don't eat this Angry Beaver's secretion.
Please don’t eat this Angry Beaver’s secretion.

When the North American Beaver sprays to mark his territory. He sprays a combination of urine and something called castoreum. And of course somebody figured out you can eat it. How, I don’t know. I guess one day somebody decided to squeeze a beaver and drink whatever came out.

Castoreum is a common ingredient to artificially flavor strawberry, raspberry and vanilla foods. If you’ve had Ice Cream of any of these flavors, there’s a good chance you’ve had beaver juice.

Saw Dust

If you’ve seen cellulose listed as an ingredient  on your food, you are eating wood. Why are we eating wood. Because it adds fiber and reduces fat. Of course you could just eat the box your meal came in to get the same result. Cellulose can be found in shredded cheese, pancakes, cookies, scrambled eggs, pizza (along with the human hair) and much much more.


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