Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 2.39.02 PMA couple of weeks ago I wrote about how everything has become more expensive, while pay has gone down. There is at least one exception to the rule though: technology.

For example, a VCR in 1980 cost $200. If you adjust for inflation that would of be $550 in today’s dollars. Considering a Blu-Ray player can be had now for under a $100, that’s not bad. Another example, the first Macintosh launched in 1984 would of cost over $5500 in today’s dollars. An iMac costs about a fifth of that now, and probably has more than 128k of ram.

But, today I want to focus on video games. Video games have become longer and more complex, yet their price has hardly risen. Nintendo games in the 1980s cost about $50, adjusting for inflation it becomes $108. A new game for the Nintendo’s newest system, the Wii U, now cost $60.

Here’s a look of the average price of games for many systems, after accounting for inflation:

Game Cost
Atari 2600 (1978) $123
Nes (1987) $102
Snes (1991) $83
Genesis (1990) $83
Playstation (1994) $78
N64 (1996) $101
GameCube (2001) $65
Wii (2006) $57
Playstation 3 (current) $60
Xbox 360 (current) $60
Wii U (current) $60


And here it is in a cool bar chart, for no reason:


Let’s not forget constant deals on services like Steam that let you get games at crazy cheap prices.

In a time where everything from movie tickets, to gas, to whoopee cushions seem to be getting more expensive, it’s nice to see something actually getting cheaper.

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