g85ssbbThis past week Dennis Rodman went to North Korea and met with Kim Jung Un. He became the unlikely first American to meet the dictator. This is probably the weirdest pairing I can think of, but it does remind me of another.

In 1970 Elvis Presley was disappointed by the change in culture in America. The increase in drug use and decrease in his own record sales angered him. Surely the two must be connected, you’d have top be on drugs not to like Elvis, right?

Elvis-nixonElvis decided to write a letter to President Nixon asking to be made an official agent of The Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Nixon, not popular the youth, thought meeting Nixon might change all that. Of course Nixon was meeting Elvis about 10 years too late for the youth to care. That would be like Obama meeting with Hansen now.

The two met December 21, 1970, where Nixon granted Elvis’s request for a badge and posed for a photograph. If Nixon really thought that it would make him popular with the kids, he didn’t seem to be in a hurry to exploit it. The meeting was kept a secret until the Washington post broke the story in 1972. I would guess Nixon took one look at the picture, realized how ridiculous it looked and immediately put the photographer on his enemies list.

In Other News:

Nineteen thousand dollars worth of Girl Scout cookies have been stolen. That’s about 5 boxes of Thin Mints.

Experts estimate that 70 billion apps will be downloaded this year, most of them to my parent’s iPad.

Charlie Sheen says he wants to be Lindsay Lohan’s mentor. Sounds like a bad idea, but still, it’s a step up from her parents.


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