The Digg Effect?

Dec 13, 2005

The “Digg Effect” pertains to the result of having a website listed on technology social bookmarking website Usually this result is increased visitors to the site and perhaps an increase in bandwidth, so much so the website will crash.

Well, this website has made the front page of Digg twice. Once back in May for a video of a dual view TV, and now, just a couple of days ago for the Animal Crossing/RIAA story. The first time resulted in a less than modest bandwidth bill, the second resulted in a bunch of a number of idiotic comments left on my site.

I could tell you about my bandwidth bill and how I pulled all my hair out and jumped off a tall building when I saw how much my credit card was charged, but I talking about the idiotic comments seems like it’d be much more interesting to me. Plus, the stuff about pulling hair and committing suicide is pretty much a lie anyway.

I experienced a huge jump in visitors to the site, and with that a huge jump in comments left on the site. Let’s take a look at some:

Comment #1:
Ur so gay Cheesegod -_-;

I’m not sure why this commenter came to the conclusion that I am gay. But I can come the conclusion they are retarded by the fact they spell “you are” Ur.

Comment #2:
yams yams yams yams yams yams yams yams yams yams yams yams

followed by:

Comment #3:
yammy yams oh wonderful yams

Despite being off topic, at least the comments are not quite as moronic as:

Comment #4:
lol, f**kin phaggot. Digg in your ass m0th3rf**k3r


Comment #5:
I want to cum herpes in his ass again?

I’m not sure why this person is asking me if they want to do this. They should know what they want to do. Of course maybe the question is the again part. They could be asking if they once again have the desire to do this. It’s a pity to want something and not be able to accomplish it.
Comment #6:
Digg 0wnz Cheese God hahaha

Apparently they think Digg “Ownz” this site. This is incorrect, and also does not pertain to the story they are commenting on.

Comment #7:
You misspelled “against.”

Actually, there is nothing wrong with this comment, they are correct. I did misspell against. Thanks anonymous!

There were some actual non moronic comments made, and I thank those that are responsible. Actually, thanks to the morons too, you proved that has become a haven for dumbasses.

Of course I realize that it only takes one or two people to post stupid comments and that there are intellectual people reading Still, it’s still fun laugh at those who aren’t and seem to almost boast it.

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