_66059041_66059036A British couple got married while dressed up as Shrek and Fiona. Why? Because the wife was watching Shrek and thought it was a good idea. It’s a good thing for her she wasn’t watching the Oscar Pistorius Story.

The rest of the wedding party dressed up as fairy tale characters to complete the image. One dressed up as Fred Flinstone, because there’s always got to be that one Scumbag Steve.

The law says the couple has to be identifiable, so a government representative  had to watch the groom put on his makeup to be sure it was him. Otherwise they might actually think Shrek had somehow came out the movie screen and decided to get married in Jersey.


Other News:

Trekkies have gotten their way. The x-planet named after a cartoon dog will have a moon named after Spock’s home.

Nintendo is releasing a mini version of their Wii console in Europe. Now it’ll take up less space on your shelf when collecting dust!

Instagram has passed 100 million users. Think of all those pictures of food we’ll get to look at now!


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