Analysts say Greek Yogurt could become the next ketchup. If by that they mean something I don’t put on my hamburgers or hot dogs, they are correct.

What did Oscar Pistorius say when the cops asked why he shot his wife? I’m stumped!


From the Horses Mouth To Yours:

Frying up some horse meat.
Frying up some horse meat.

In the past month, people became upset when they learned that Burger King’s beef burgers contained horse meat. But just how bad is it to eat a horse?

First of all, let’s face facts. Based on what’s usually found in fast food meat, i.e. Pink Slime (the inedible, often diseased parts of cattle soaked in ammonia), horse meat is probably better than you could hope for. Horse meat is said to have a somewhat sweet taste, like a mixture of beef and venison. That doesn’t sound bad. Certainly sounds better than a McRib or something called Fish McBites.

When compared to beef, horse meat is very similar in nutrition.  It has the same levels of sodium and  cholesterol with more iron and tad more fat.

There are many countries that eat horses on a regular basis. This includes Italy, known for their fancy pants food.

A horse meat butcher in Italy.
A horse meat butcher in Italy.

Of course the reason horse meat is frowned upon is because people keep horses as pets. You can ride them, and they look pretty, like Sarah Jessica Parker. Of course nobody wants to eat her, especially after Mathew Broderick has touched her.

So why is it okay to eat a cow, a pig, a deer, but not a horse? Because humans are weird, that’s why. But now tons of beef “tainted” by horse meat is being destroyed while people starve. I can not think of a reason why this meat shouldn’t be donated to the needy. There are literally people out there so hungry they could eat a horse.

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