The Jokes:

The Obama administration has announced a ten year plan to map the human brain. After they’re done with that they also plan on mapping a Republican’s brain.

Reader’s Digest has filed for bankruptcy. The next front page story of their magazine? 50 things your accountant won’t tell you.

Google is opening it’s own retail stores. Whenever you search to buy anything in there a sales person asks “Did you mean: iPhone”.

Seth MacFarlane:

41SiP9dEzwL._SX500_This year the host of the Academy Awards will be Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad and about 82 other shows that are basically the same thing on FOX.  There will be no doubt that therefor the Academy Awards telecast will somehow involve a talking animal. He’s already done a goldfish (American Dad), a dog (Family Guy), a bear (Cleveland Show) and a teddy bear (Ted), so my guess is maybe a talking sloth? The sloth would be a good representation of the rate of speed Mr. MacFarlane comes up with original ideas.

We can also assume that the Academy Awards will include multiple “flashback” jokes.  You know, after Daniel Day-Lewis wins best actor, Mr. MacFarline will say, “Gee, This reminds me of the times Jimmy Stewart won for his portrayal of Andrew Jackson.” and then a clip will play of Jimmy Stewart dressed as President Jackson with Clarence the Angel watching happy Native Americans go about their business causing President Jackson to remark, “Hmmm, I guess it would be better if I had never been born.”

In all seriousness, Mr. MacFarlane hosted Saturday Night Live earlier this season and he was probably one of the best hosts they’ve had this year. Hopefully that means good things for this years Academy Awards telecast.

Here’s a couple of random facts about Mr. MacFarlane:

Before Family Guy, he wrote for 90’s Cartoon Network staples Dexter’s Laboratory, Cow & Chicken and Johnny Bravo. He also wrote for the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective TV show. But three out of four isn’t bad.

Seth MacFarlane was working on a reboot of the Flinstone’s show. It took FOX two years to negotiate for the right to bring back the Flinstone’s and about two minutes for them to change their mind. Apparently after reading the script they changed their mind. Probably a good thing (Hey Barney, this reminds of the time…)

Kick-ass Physicist Neil DeGrasse has teamed up with Mr. MacFarlane to bring back the educational science show Cosmos. The fact that there will be an educational show in prime time on FOX makes my mind explode with happiness.

Did you know Seth MacFarlane recorded an album of Big Band/Swing music? He actually received a Grammy nomination for it as well. Spotify users can listen to it by clicking here. 

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