Pizza Bagels

Nov 17, 2005

“When pizza’s on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime.”

What is that suppose to mean? Does this commercial jingle imply that it’s okay to eat an unhealthy food for breakfast simply because it’s on a bagel?

I suppose so, after all it wouldn’t be appropriate to eat a huge glob of butter, but for some reason when it’s contained inside a bagel it’s suddenly acceptable. It would also be unusual to eat a ton of sugar and marshmallows for breakfast, but you put them in a bowl of cereal, suddenly it’s a-ok.

Do you know that Reece’s has a cereal now? There’s also a smores cereal. You gotta be kidding me. Bill Cosby once joked that he fed his kids chocolate cake for breakfast because it seemed like a good breakfast food. I don’t think he was wrong.

Pizza bagels, pfft. I’m sticking with my 2,000,000 calorie Burger King omelet sandwich.

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