The Jokes:

Apple is rumored to be releasing an “iWatch”. Apple, brining us the same innovation as Dick Tracy 70 years ago.

Looks like they’ll be looking for a new pope. Looks like Obama’s job plan is working, everyone get your resumes ready.

28 Million people watched the Grammys on Sunday. Most of them Hipsters, so they know what not to like.



One of my favorite stories about Disneyland is Walt Disney’s “Hide The Magic” policy. When Disneyland opened, Walt had one major peeve. In order for a costumed employee to get to Frontier land he would have to walk through Tomorrow land. Mr. Disney found it would ruin the experience to see a cowboy walking through a future land.

Because of this, the first thing Mr. Disney made sure of when planing Disney World was that this wouldn’t happen. Before any of Disney World like you may know of it was built, a series of tunnels and hallways was built first. Then Disney World was built on top of it. Now an employee could duck into a secret entrance to one of these hallways and then emerge in a completely different area of the park. Mr. Disney’s theory was that no visitor should ever know or see how things run or work. He called it hiding the magic. It is a theory that I go by today when running a business.

But enough about that, here are some more Disney World facts you may not know:

The inside of Matterhorn mountain contains a basketball court. Only employees of the park know it’s there… well, and you now.

Mr. Disney must of hated hippies. Until the late 1960s any males with long hair were turned away from the gate entrance. Not sure how this was enforced. My guess is a “Your Hair Must Be This Short” wooden cut out of a character. I would of got in by just telling them I was just a very ugly woman.

In Disneyland, a secret area known as Club 33 in New Orleans square exists. It was originally built for Mr. Disney as a place for him to entertain guests. Unfortunately, Mr. Disney dies before work was completed on it. The club still operates for the elite people who are much better off than me and you. It is also the only place in Disneyland that sells alcohol.

Splash Mountain was sometimes referred to as Flash Mountain because Woman had the tendency to expose  their bare breasts on the ride when the souvenir picture was taken. It became such a problem employees were added to just watch the photos taken and pull the offending ones before they could make it to the viewing area and the photo booth. Although, from what I hear Disney recently laid off those employees, so ladies, feel free to try your luck. And before any of you weirdos run to Google to search for examples of this occurrence, you can see them by clicking here. But I warn you, there are boobs there if you are offended by that type of thing.


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