Free Harvey Danger

Nov 1, 2005

So, say your Harvey Danger. What– who’s Harvey Danger? They’re that band that had that one hit song “Flag Pole Sitter” about 7 years ago. Everyone went out and bought the album just to find out it sucked except for that one song.

Well, anyway, back to our pretending. Say your Harvey Danger and you just made a new album but you know no ones going to buy it because everyone is still pissed at you because of the disappointment of buying your first album. So what do you do?

Give it away for free, of course. The entire new album is available to download free of charge here. And, the most surprising part of all, it’s pretty good. Definitely worth checking out.

And, speaking of long forgotten bands from the nineties, the Presidents of the United States of America have the privilege of being the first band to make a music video only using cell phone cameras. So, I guess cell phone cameras are still completely useless and stupid. You can read more about and watch the video here. Also check out their new album, as it is also pretty damn good, but not free (not legally anyway, but perhaps I’ve said too much, you never know where the RIAA may be listening in).

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