The Jokes:

Doctors say Baby Boomers are less healthy than their parents. Who knew replacing home made dinners with trips to fast food joints would be bad for your health?

Amazon has lowered the price on the Kindle for Valentine’s Day. Here girlfriend, a non-iPad tablet I got on sale for the most romantic day of the year. What? You wanted chocolates? Flowers? Jewelry? I’m sure there’s an app for that.

Scientists have discovered  that moles can smell in stereo. This makes them the first animals who after they’ve smelt it, automatically know who dealt it.


fanta-nazi-german-world-war-2In 1940 World War II raged on. The Allies vs the Axis. Good guys vs Nazis. Understandably, the United States put a trade embargo in place to keep Germany from getting supplies… and soda apparently.

The German branch of Coke-a-Cola was not able to get the syrup they needed to make soda due to being unable to import from the USA. Coke-a-Cola, worried about losing profits, tried to come up with a soft drink they could make and sell using the ingredients they had laying around. They encouraged their chemists inventing the new flavor to “use their imagination” which in german is “Fantasie” and later was shortened to just “Fanta”.

Fanta sold throughout the War until eventually Hitler blew his brains out because he couldn’t get a descent bottle of Cherry Pepsi and the war ended. Coke-a-Cola returned to Germany and took Fanta’s formula and profits made during the war as their own.

The soda is now sold in over 100 different flavors world wide. Next time you take a drink of Fanta, you can close your eyes and imagine it’s the same thing the Nazi soldiers tasted as they just followed orders and killed a few million people.

Fanta, a favorite of both Nazis and Hippies.. apparently.
Fanta, a favorite of both Nazis and Hippies.. apparently.

65 years later Fanta continues to be controversial, but not the way you expect. In 2005 Coke-a-Cola aired a commercial in the United Kingdom of people drinking and then spitting out Fanta. Teachers and parents complained that children were mimicking the disgusting behavior causing the ad to eventually be pulled. Of course, the real question is, why would you try to sell your product by showing people spit it out?

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