The Jokes:

Obama has been given the power to order cyberattacks.  Goodbye!

Hot wings was the most popular food to eat during the Super Bowl. Coincidentally, the number one drink was Pepto Bismol.

Rosa Parks was fined $14 for not sitting in the back of the bus. The way prices are here in NYC, that’s practically a deal for a bus ride.

Birdo’s.. um…. toy:

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The original instructions also incorrectly listed Birdo as Ostro.

Nintendo’s systems are often seen as kid friendly. But sometimes, that just might not be the case. Take Birdo for example. Birdo first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 (in America anyway, in Japan it was called Doki Doki Panic and not a Mario game at all, but changed into one for the USA, but that’s a story for another time.). Birdo was a weird pink creature that shot eggs out of it’s mouth to attack Mario. Notice I say “it” instead of him or her. That’s because nobody really knows which he/she is. In the original instructions it lists Birdo a a guy who think’s he’s a girl and rather be called “Birdetta”. However in later releases of the game all mention of any kind of gender for Birdo was erased until finally later on Birdo was just referred to as a girl.

Birdo seems to resemble more of a pink dinosaur than a bird anyhow. In Japan Birdo is named Catherine. I guess it looks more like a Catherine than a Birdo. And either way, what kind of creature lays eggs out it’s mouth? And then on top of that, attacks by spitting it’s unborn children at it’s enemies. Or maybe Birdo just ate a whole lot of eggs and is just regurgitating them.

Birdo hasn’t made too many appearances in games after Super Mario 2. He/she appeared in a couple spin-offs such as Mario Kart and Mario Tennis, in which it is indicated that Birdo is dating Yoshi.

birdo-300x225There is one game that Birdo made an appearance in that might be the most disturbing of them all. In the Japanese only game Captain Rainbow you play Nick who meets up with and must help random lesser known Nintendo characters. You find Birdo in jail for using the woman’s restroom. It seems the police don’t think Birdo is a female, so you might prove he/she is. So how do you do that? By entering Birdo’s house and finding a certain vibrating object under his/her’s pillow. No, I am not kidding. The item is censored, but still, I think it’s pretty safe to assume this is why the game was never released in America. Of course the better question why it was ever released anywhere.

If you’d like to see for yourself, check out the below video. It’s in Japanese, but you’ll get the idea.

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