The Jokes:

Apple unveiled a new version of their iPad yesterday and there are rumors of a new Apple TV. I wonder what slightly  updated product we can expect next for the most revolutionary company.

Twinkees will not be returning store shelves until at least September. Experts recommend injecting high fructose corn syrup directly into your blood stream for those who do not want to wait until then to get diabetes.

Boeing has had over 100 batteries fail on their planes. It must be so embarrassing when the captain has to get on the P.A. and ask the passengers for a jump.

 Heil Honey, I’m Home:

tumblr_llh90fEPDH1qakdkjThere can be many arguments for naming the worse show all time. Could it be The Secret Diary of Desmond Philffer, a show about Lincolns smart back talking black servant? Or how about Homeboys in Outer Space? Maybe Cop Rock, a musical version of Law & Order?

No matter what you think, there is a case for Heil Honey, I’m home. This British sitcom was simply a show about Adolph Hittler and Eva Braun and their wacky Jewish neighbors. Yeah, let that sink in, and then wonder who the hell green lit this project and then put it on the air… in 1990.

The show was such a disaster it was cancelled after just one episode when basically ever person in the world wrote in a complained. One might call it a shame that only one episode ever made it to air (and by one, I really mean no one). The series had a whole eight episode story arc planned and partially filmed about the Hittlers trying to kill their Jewish neighbors. What do you call comedy so bad it’s not funny?

Luckily (and use that term as loose as one possibly can) one episode can be watched thanks to Youtube.

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