The Jokes:

Arizona is considering a law that would keep atheists from graduating high school. I can’t believe it.

Postage stamps increased in price again. Remember when it use to be cheaper to send a letter to someone than to to buy a plane ticket and fly there?

Atari has declared bankruptcy. A low point on their record, but certainly not the worse. *cough* E.T. *cough*


tumblr_mh1i7wq6971r6l30ro1_500Most children of the 90s will probably remember watching Dexter’s Laboratory. Dexter’s Lab was one of the first original cartoon created for the Cartoon Network, along with Johnny Bravo and The Power Puff Girls.

Dexter’s Laboratory ran from 1998 to 2003 for a total of 78 episodes. There is one episode that never aired on TV. Created especially just for conventions like Comic-Con this episode would never be able to be aired on TV because it was not appropriate for children.

The episode remained somewhat of an urban legend until it finally surfaced recently on Adult Swim’s official Youtube channel. While it’s not quite as vulgar as you might expect a banned episode to be, it is definitely worth a look for Dexter fans.

Here now, for your enjoyment, Dexter’s Ride Removal:

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