The Jokes:

The actor known for doing Charlie Brown’s voice has been arrested for stalking a girl. It’s that damn little red-haired girl, isn’t it? Face it Charlie, she’ll never be yours.

Goat Cheese Fire:

cheese2With a name like cheesegod, I feel somewhat obligated to comment anytime a major news story breaks involving cheese.

In Norway a truck containing 27 tons of goat cheese when up in flames inside a tunnel and countinued to burn for five days. The cheese was heavy in fat and sugar, causing it to burn well.

I tend to gag just walking past the stinky cheese section of Whole Foods, so how bad this smell? Pretty bad. The burning cheese let off a gas that made it impossible for fire fighters to effectivley fight the fire.

The tunnel is now badly damaged and will not reopen for several weeks. Also, someone is going to have to eat their 27 tons of cheese well done.


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