The Jokes:

Atari filled for bankruptcy. The reason, it’s hard to make money when everyone thought you already went out of business 15 years ago. If inventing the Atari Jaguar doesn’t cause your business to go belly-up, what can?

Sony has introduced a waterproof tablet computer. Finally something to look at when I’m deep sea diving. Maybe I’ll get one of those cool virtual aquarium apps.

A cat recently walked 200 miles to return home. That’s a long way to go to just sit around and sleep all day.

 Inauguration Day

s12e12_480Barack Obama get’s sworn in for second term today, or at least will pretend to. He was actually already sworn in yesterday in secrecy (Truthers, have fun with that).

The president will be fake sworn in, march in a parade and attend a bunch of balls. About 52% of America will be excited and 48% will be clutching their guns a little closer to their chests.

Fast facts:

Of the 44 presidents America has had, 21 have won a second term.

Of those 21, only 13 have served a full two terms. Eight presidents were either assaniated during their second term or didn’t serve a full first term due to taking over the office midway through. Or, in one case, they resigned midway through their second term.

The longest speech at an inauguration was delivered by William Henry Harrison on March 4, 1841. It was two hours long a completely delivered in the pouring rain. He developed Pneumonia and died, completing the shortest presidency in our history.

We have four living presidents, two aged 88 (Jimmy Carter & George H.W. Bush) and two aged 66 (Bill Clinton & George W. Bush).


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