The Jokes:

Scientists now suggest lobsters and crabs may feel pain. That would explain why Mr. Pinchy seemed so upset I after I broke up with him.

Diff’rent Strokes actor Conrad Vain has died. You know the NY Post is upset that he didn’t die of a stroke, ruining their chance for another tasteless headline.

Scientist are saying that global warming is causing spring flowers to bloom early. Never has impending doom looked so pretty.


Weird iPad Accessory of the Day:


Sales of the iPad and iPhone may be dropping, but it the stupid accessories being made for them isn’t slowing down.

Can you guess what that is a picture of on the right? It’s a training potty with an iPad stand of course.

Now your kid can play Where’s My Water, read Green Eggs and Ham or watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones on the HBO to go app while learning to go boom boom in the toilet.

App makers should take advantage of this. Perhaps an app that displays video and audio of fire hoses and waterfalls to help get the kid’s pipes flowing. Or maybe just an app that plays this video in an endless loop:

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