Traded For A Meal:

Ice Cream Helmet DSC03056There have been some strange trades in sports history. But not many have been traded for a meal.

By August 31st 1994 the Major League Baseball Strike had already been happening for a couple of weeks, but Cleveland Indians must of had hopes that it would end soon when the traded with the Twins for Dave Winfield for a player to be named later.

Of course the strike didn’t end until 1995 and the 1994 season never resumed. Dave Winfield didn’t play at all that year for Cleveland and the player to be named later was never named. Instead the executives from both teams got together for dinner and Cleveland picked up the entire tab. This makes Mr. Winfield the only player ever to be traded for a meal.

Things didn’t wind up to bad for Dave, he was elected into the hall of fame in 2001.

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