The Jokes:

A waterproof hearing aid has been introduced. Finally grandma can take part in wet t-shirt contests without fear.

A Town in Kansas has made it illegal to own more than four cats. Man, it’s been a roller coaster of a day for Grandma. She gets her waterproof hearing aid and then this.

Republican and Democrats are gearing up  for more budget debates with the debt ceiling due date coming up next month. Meanwhile assault weapon sales are up. Coincidence  or are American getting ready to put themselves out of their misery?

From CES:

The Consumer Electronic Show was in full swing this weekend. Here are some electrical doodads that you don’t need and probably can’t afford… but, boy, they sure are sexy.


Sony’s 4K TV. Remember how electronically superior you felt when you got that HD flat screen TV before your neighbors. Yeah, that was a pretty sweet feeling. Well forget it, your HDTV is so 2012. Take a look at Sony’s new 84″ TV with a resolution 16 times higher than that old “High” definition TV rotting in your den. This TV will set you back just $25,000 and you can keep watching those Family Guy reruns on it since their isn’t really any 4K content out there now anyway.


This thing is called PerformTek. It’s a pair of headphone, no, it’s a heart monitor. It’s a pair of ear buds and fitness tracker in one! Yay! Now you phone can how fit you are at all times. Here’s hoping that it’ll automatically set your self portrait camera to wide angle if it detects you are a fat ass.


A remote control car with ca camera that you can control with your smartphone. It’s called the Scara Bee and will cost you $150. I can’t imagine a whole lot of use for this except for the one in the picture above. You know within days of release Reddit will be swarmed with uploads of cats taken with these.


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