The Jokes:

Toyota is looking to reach a settlement in their acceleration cases. Whoa there Toyota, not so fast!

Les Miserables grossed 18 million dollars on X-Mas. Hopefully that guy will finally be able to afford that loaf of bread now.

A New York newspaper has listed the names of gun owners in the area. Smart, piss off a bunch of people with weapons. What could go wrong?

Hot Dr Pepper:

Did you know you can drink Dr Pepper hot? Sounds pretty strange to me, but apparently it’s thing.

Here’s commercial for it from the 1960s:

And the recipe from



Couple of quick Dr Pepper facts:

Legend is that Dr Pepper was created when  Charles Alderton mixed all 23 flavors of drinks he was currently selling.

There used to be a dot after the Dr in Dr Pepper, but it was removed in the 50s because the marketing team didn’t like the way the dot looked on the can.

According to author Jim Moore, Lee Harvey Oswald bought a Coke from a vending machine before he killed JFK. His usual drink of choice was Dr Pepper though. This proves that Oswald must of been JFK’s assassin because he must of been nervous about the murder he was about the commit and accidentally selected the wrong drink.


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